Our team building events offer more than just a break from the office grind. By giving people the right tools and guidance, we help to create a sense of community that transitions groups from co-workers to teammates. And with the experience and expertise of Twisted Truths, we'll help your team's creative spirit soar.

Release the child. Unleash the creativity.

There's more to it than you think.

We take truths of the everyday world and twist them into a series of team building activities. When you view the world with a twist, that's when you'll see pigs fly.

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    Twisted Truths evolved from a passionate curiosity about the world. Founded by a Leo and a self-described ‘know-it-all’, Twisted Truths proves that there’s always some new truth to be discovered or rediscovered.  No one person can know it all.


    At the heart of Twisted Truths is storytelling.  At Twisted Truths, we find the unusual twists in a concept, idea or story, to reveal the inner-child.


    Food and tactile activities are incorporated into all 4 kinds of workshops. Each of the five senses are required to bring the story to life.  Simple Storytelling and Play Time are the pure enjoyment workshops.  "Twisted Trivia" and "Construction Zone" can be as challenging as your heart desires.


    Every Twisted Truths event is tailored to its unique audience.  Collaborative planning sessions are the key, taking into account that each team has unique talents and challenges.  Old school concepts are united with present values to bring a variety of generations together, as one effective team.

We offer four kinds of events

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Comments from our Customers

Your original tales were just perfect for our springtime book celebration. Thank you for integrating classic storybooks into your storytelling repertoire.

M. Wilhelm
Give an editor the chance to use "jackass" in a headline, and he or she is going to take it. Tuesday's "2000" feature article was entertainingly headlined, "Aboard the Jackass Line." The excellent report by free-lance contributor Kit Myers was a fascinating look at what once was known as Aue's Settlement Inn at Leon Springs, a frontier stage coach stop, better known today as Rudy's Roadhouse behind Rudy's BBQ and Country Store.

R. Rivard
San Antonio Express News
Thank you so much for the “Building a Community” teambuilding workshop you and your team conducted for us. It exceeded our expectations. Our partners are still talking about how much fun they had while learning. As promised, the workshop helped us reinforce our department’s theme of planning & executing. The exercises encouraged us to ‘think outside the box’. We were able to use parts of our brain that we sometimes keep hidden in our adherence to process. Most importantly, we worked creatively and as a team to complete the final deliverable – a community.  At the end of the session, we were more united as a team.  You even converted the most cynical builder in our group! We so appreciate your team’s preparation and professionalism. You made the process of organizing and executing the workshop seamless.  We look forward to working with you again.

J. Suriano
Program Manager
Just wanted to let you know how excellent your short and long versions of the workshop promotional are. I plan to show the long presentation to all of our team and their families at our PMO Christmas party dinner tonight. It is that good. The photos were complemented by the captions and the sequences were just great. Thanks again Kit to you and all of your team.

Tom R.
Project Manager, Grocery Chain
We held a team building workshop at the office. While orchestrating the whole event…. Kit kept everyone laughing. They didn’t even realize that they’d been strategically placed with team members to improve their communication skills in the practice. I would highly recommend to anyone who has a need for team building, corporate or personal gifts, or just wants to build their own house and feel like a kid again.

D. Dilley
Dilley Allergy & Asthma Specialists

Kit Myers

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  • evolved from a passionate curiosity about the world. Founded by a Leo and a self-described ‘know-it-all’, Twisted Truths proves that there’s always some new truth to be discovered or rediscovered.  No one person can know it all.