Tall Tales and Twisted Truths

presented by Kit Myers of American Perspectives

Kit Myers is a storyteller. As a weaver of tales, she turns the ordinary fabric of everyday lives into stories of vibrance and color. Storytelling is the tool used to translate both truth and tale into a relevant form. Behind every fact lies a story. And all tales hide a kernel of truth.

In Tall Tales, the line between truth and fiction is successfully blended into an entertaining story. Twisted Truths are drawn from factual anomalies and singular oddities found in everyday textbooks and references, proving the adage that 'truth is stranger than fiction'.

Each Tall Tales and Twisted Truths presentation is tailored to meet the requirements of the specific audience, from elementary school children to post graduate seminars, from conventions to scout meetings. The workshops, through interactive presentations and hands on activities, provide the tools to incorporate storytelling into the classroom environment and curriculum.

Book "The Magic of Mathematics in Storytelling" Today.