Twisted Truths

History, Math, Science, Geography and More - All with a Twist

Historical anomalies, obscure facts and tidbits that have survived the test of time all contribute to Kit's extensive collection of Twisted Truths. Core curriculum elements are incorporated into age appropriate presentations which reveal the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Games and activity sheets accompany these presentations.

Texas Culture

Truth or Tale Game
Tailored to the audience, this game tests your knowledge of Texas and Texans, including The Yellow Rose of Texas, Rosa's Window, The Bells of Mission San Jose and La Llorona.

Coahuiltecan Cuisine
Eyepoppers, Atomic Fireballs, Gobstoppers and Tart 'N Tinys can't compare with the culinary tastes of Texas Tribes.

Easter Fires of Fredericksburg
An 18th Century Hausfrau uses an Old World tale to turn a New World fear into a Hill Country Tradition.

San Antonio's Own "Jackass Line"*
The first transcontinental mail route ran through the Alamo City

The King Ranch*
The 9-banded armadillo and a river boat captain crossed the Rio Grande into Texas and transformed a state.

*Articles Featured in The San Antonio Express News in 2000

History and More

Pirates, Privateers and Buccaneers
Blackbeard, Jean Lafitte, Mary Read and more

American Cuisine and Customs
When did Americans start using the toothbrush?
Which shoe on which foot? Why and When?
Pilgrims Cleaned Their Plates... They Ate Them.

The Life Cycle of The Coastal Redwood
A Mother's Work is Never Done

The Colorado Plateau
A Layer Cake - Billions of Years in the Making

Native Americans

The First Thanksgiving
How long did it take to prepare that first Thanksgiving dinner?

Tribal Customs - Past And Present

History of Southwest Tribes

Eastern Woodlands

West Coast Tribes - California to Canada