Tall Tales

Ain't much difference between the truth and a tale
Whether homegrown or an American Classic,
A kernel of truth is present in each of these stories.

Original Texas Tales
Inspired by Texas, truth is woven into Kit's fanciful tales, creating homegrown originals as real as The Lone Star State.

A Night In Old San Antonio
You'll never eat tortillas again... Once you've visited the annual April block party known in San Antonio as NIOSA.

The Fiesta Bunny
Moxi and Frogstrangler throw a party and a San Antonio Party Favor is born. The mystery of jackalopes is revealed as well.

Tejas, The Longhorn Steer
Armadillos, rattlers, and Blue Northers play a role in creating the first longhorn.

The Bloodsucker
This is a twilight tale cut down to size. At one time, sunsets along the San Antonio River were incredible... incredibly beautiful... incredibly deadly... that is until a cowpoke took control.

Lightning Bugs
Things ain't always what they seem. Manners and munching play a role in the disappearance of lightning bugs from Texas.
Karen-5th grade
Leon Springs Elementary
Class of 2011

Native American Legends
From the Atlantic to the Pacific, the timeless and universal truths of the continent's first inhabitants stand face to face with our world's "modern" and scientific assumptions.

Creation Mythology

  • Princess, Turtle and Beaver
  • The Four Chambers (Navajo)
  • Yosemite - A Family Reunited
  • Mt Rainier - Blowing Her Top

Trickster Tales
Universally acknowledged as tricksters, coyote and spider change their worlds.

Customs, Past And Present

Legends of the Southwest

West Coast Tribal Stories

Legends From Eastern Woodlands

Classic Folklore
Larger Than Life Legends Come Alive
  • Paul Bunyan
    Geology and Geography are prominent fixtures in the tales of the Lumberjack and his blue ox Babe.
  • Pecos Bill
    This West Texas Cowboy, raised by coyotes, influenced more than history throughout the Southwest.
  • John Henry
    From West Virginia to Alabama, the true story of this steel driving man has grown to legendary proportions.
  • Johnny Appleseed
    This one person's deeds made a difference and made him a legend.
  • Calamity Jane
  • Molly Pitcher
    A revolutionary woman, Molly was a patriot in The American Revolution.