About American Perspectives

American Perspectives was founded in 1988 by Kit Myers in response to a request from a second grade teacher. Drawing from her extensive collection of legends, folk tales and historical resources, Kit shared both truths and tales. Utilizing her experience as a cross country tour guide, Kit developed presentations based upon the curricular needs of students and their teachers.

In 1993, Kit was asked to tell stories about longhorns at Leon Springs Elementary's very first Longhorn Day. Bolstered by her daughter Meghan's gentle encouragement, "Just DO IT, mom!!", Kit created her first original tall tale, Tejas, The Longhorn Steer.

Since that time, Kit has continued to work as a storyteller, writer and tour guide, developing a unique perspective of the panoramic diversity that is America. Through the years, the American Perspectives library has grown to over 400 volumes, including historical collections, Native American legends, folk tales and original source material. Kit has now written five tall tales of her own, and is always on the lookout for inspiration.